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Bharani (pronounced: ‘Bar-a-nee’)

Since I was a little girl, the idea of God and religion has been very important to me. Coming from a diverse ethnic and religious background of Spanish and Mexican Catholics, and Russian and Polish Jews, I was able to experience the similarities and differences between these two great religions and four wonderful cultures. To appease both families, I was baptized Catholic and given a Hebrew name – what a tremendous gift this ultimately was for me. As a child I didn’t feel tied to any one religion - only to God. When I was 9, I started exploring different religions, attending various churches and eventually became interested in Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and finally Vedanta.

One Monday morning in June of 1999, while I was driving to a job I didn’t especially like – and after an exceptionally spiritually filled weekend – I had the realization that in order to find real happiness in my work I would have to do something that was spiritual in nature. I had made jewelry 20 years earlier; maybe it was time to start again. By the time I got to work, the decision had been made: I would start making spiritual jewelry.

I was very excited about the idea that in the same way that we choose our spiritual path, we should have the opportunity to choose at least one unique piece of jewelry made especially for us that expresses something devotional, something deeply felt that we hold close to our heart, whatever our beliefs. I began by making Om signs, then crosses, the symbol for Yin-Yang and the Star of David. I am currently working on the Egyptian Ankh, Eye of Horus and the Arabic symbol for Allah. I am always researching symbols for spiritual paths not yet represented here. As my designs evolve into finished pieces of jewelry they will be added to the website.

I believe that finding our spiritual path and developing a connection to the Divine - however we understand the Divine to be – is the single most important journey in our lifetime.

I also believe that the jewelry we wear representing our individual spiritual beliefs should be as unique as we are. I make each piece by hand, and with the exception of the two medium sized Om signs (which are cast), no two pieces are exactly alike. Look the pieces over. After you find the piece of jewelry that feels right for you, you may also choose to have one of the following virtues, “Love” - “Hope” - “Peace” or “Faith” inscribed on the reverse side (if size permits).


It is my hope that each time you wear this unique and personal piece of jewelry, you will be reminded of your own unique and personal journey on the spiritual path.

Barbara Bharani Paul

Something to believe in – something to aspire to – something to hold close to your heart.

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